Regarding Our Gatherings: We are meeting in all 9:30 am Bible classes and 8 am and 10:30 am in-person worship services. We are also continuing our 10:30 am on-line worship service. Whenever you’re inside the building, please keep your mask on at all times. Also remember to social distance in the pews.

Click here,, for additional information. Online worship services, online Bible classes and online prayer groups will continue to be available at

Part 1

Why I Believe: Part 1: Evidence from Creation

Part 2

Why I Believe: Part 2: Evidence from Intelligence

Part 3

Why I Believe: Part 3: Evidence from Right and Wrong

Part 4

Why I Believe: Part 4: What Unbelievers Believe

Part 5

Why I Believe: Part 5: …Jesus is the Son of God

Part 6

Why I Believe: Part 6: …in the Scriptures