North Boulevard will continue to meet online this Sunday and throughout the summer. We also plan to resume traditional onsite services Sunday June 7. In preparation, we will offer trial services on May 24 and 31 at 10:30am at the East, West, and Smyrna-LaVergne campuses. Each of these trial services will be limited to 50% capacity per Governor Lee's recommendations and will adhere to the CDC's guidelines for social distancing. Please click here to register for the trial services and to receive helpful information.

Effective May 18, the church office will be open Monday through Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm. Please be patient as we continue to abide by best practices for the safety of our staff and members.

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Prologue: Jesus Begins His Ministry

Part 1: The Beatitudes

Part 2: Salt and Light

Part 3: Fulfillment of the Law

Part 4: Murder

Part 5: Adultery

Part 6: Divorce

Part 7: Oaths

Part 8: Eye for Eye

Part 9: Love for Enemies

Part 10: Give to the Needy

Part 11: Prayer

Part 12: Fasting

Part 13: Treasures in Heaven

Part 14: Do Not Worry

Part 15: Judging Others

Part 16: Ask, Seek, Knock

Part 17: The Narrow and Wide Gates

Part 18: True and False Disciples

Part 19: The Wise and Foolish Builders


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Part 1

Part 2