Deuteronomy & The Beauty of Obedience

01 The Beauty of Obedience

02 Confidence and Persistence

03 A Matter of Trust

04 The Impossibility Specialist

05 No Other Gods

06 Delight in God's Law

07 Love the Lord Your God

08 Am I Good Enough?

09 Remember to Worship

10 The Weight of Memory

11 Living in the Word

12 The One Place of Worship

13 Be Holy in All You Do

14 Free Indeed

15 Get the Leaven Out

16 Pursue Justice

17 Listening to Him

18 The Value of Human Life

19 Treat Women with Honor

20 Family Matters

21 Keep the Congregation Holy

22 The Beauty of Generosity

23 Am I My Brother's Keeper?

24 But First, God

25 Living Faithfully

26 Strength in Discipline

27 The Next Generation

28 God Welcomes Do-overs

29 Now is the Time for Courage

30 Understanding Spiritual Warfare

31 Can I Trust God?

32 Looking Over the Jordan


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