Summer Camp Information

Camp Cost: $115.00 per child Camp Dates: May 30-June 2 Attenders: completed 3rd to 6th grade

Registration for camp is now closed.

NB Kids Camp is one of the most fun events our kids can participate in and grow in their walk each year.
It is also wonderful for building deeper connections with friends in their church family.
It is run by all NB members with the camp primarily for North Boulevard Kids for the past 13 years.
Teens from the NBYG are also there serving as Counselors In Training (C I T’s) and they work with the kids.
Kids are allowed to invite guests, but only once registration for members has run for two weeks. (April 28)
We are limited on beds in the cabins, so early registration is encouraged to assure your child gets a bed in their “grade” cabin.

Camp Facility:

TAG Youth Camp is located in Lynchburg, TN (1444 Ray Burton Rd, Lynchburg, TN 37352)
TAG Youth Camp is a small camp where the buildings are close together where kids are in a safe environment.

Camp Leadership:

All adult leaders are members of North Boulevard and have been background checked.
All adult and teen volunteers have also gone through training about child safety and care.
Adult Camp leaders lead the teams, teach Bible lessons and are cabin leaders.
Paul Perry is the Director over the whole camp.
David Skidmore directs the skits and team games for the kids.
Julie Orantes cooks our delicious food and oversees the kitchen.
Amy Sain creates the Bible lessons and oversees various needs throughout the week.
Dr. Brent Rosser is our on-site full time doctor. He distributes medicine and oversees all medical care.


Kids are in cabins with their grade and with the same gender.
There are times that we have to combine grades, but we combine the grades that are close in age.
We won’t put a 5th grader with a 3rd grade group.
Two adults stay in the cabins with the campers. Of course, of the same gender!
Teens are not in the kid’s cabins; they stay in their own cabins.
Cabins have 2 bathrooms and showers and sinks.
Children sleep on bunk beds.
They are rustic cabins, but they do have window air conditioning units.

Spiritual Life:

There are daily Bible classes where the children meet in classes with their grade, taught by adults.
There is a large group praise and devotional time each day.
Quite time is encouraged each day.
Discipleship Groups are formed at the beginning of camp. They are mixed with teens and campers which meet daily.


We have really good food at camp! Julie Orantes is a great cook! We eat 3 full meals every day.
Thursday, May 30 we will serve lunch and dinner.
Sunday, June 2 we will serve breakfast only.
If your child has a serious food allergy contact Julie Orantes at

Other Camp Activities:

Campers will have a time of rest each day (Feet On Bed).
There is a time of “Free Time” in which the boy and girls are separated and they can play kick ball and other outdoor games. And also play on large inflatable water slides and an inflatable water Slip and Slide.
We also have a Craft Shack where they kids can come make cool crafts!

The Canteen:

We have a Canteen/store where the kids get to buy snacks from the Canteen during their Free Time.
Money needs to be put in their Canteen account either at registration online or money can be put in their account on the morning they are dropped off to go to camp
All the snack items are $1.00. -- $5-$10 is a good amount to put in their account.
Snacks and drinks are not healthy. They are fun and yummy snacks. Remember…it’s camp!
Money left in their Canteen account will be absorbed into the camp budget. No money will be given back.
Do not give your child money to bring to camp. There is no need for the campers to bring any money to camp.

Camp Teams

Campers will be assigned to a team for the week. The teams will meet during the day and compete against the other teams throughout the week.
All the teams are mixed ages and gender.
Teams have two adult leaders and 6-8 teen leaders.
Teams compete by playing various fun and crazy games and relays and earn points for winning the challenge, effort, team spirit and attitude.

Contacting Your Child:

Kids are not allowed to bring their phones to camp. If you need to reach your child you can contact Amy Sain or Paul Perry. Cell Numbers will be provided on Camp Schedule that is handed out at drop off and it’s online.

Eating With Your Child:

Parent are welcome to come up to camp and eat dinner and stay for evening worship. Dinner should start at 6:00 and worship at 7:00. Check schedule to confirm time. Dinner cost for guests is $6.00 per person.
But, remember many times when parents come visit their child at camp it can cause homesickness!

Early Pick Up:

If you child needs to be picked up early from camp, a note must be written on paper and given to Amy Sain to be aware of your child’s early departure.

Camp Communication

To see camp pictures and video go to the Boulevard Kids Facebook Page.
Posts go out daily, sometimes more than once a day.
Texts are sent out to the whole group when needed.

Drop off on Thursday:

Campers will be dropped off on Thursday, May 30 from 7:30 am - 8:30 am.
Drop off location is at North Boulevard Church of Christ at the Filling Station, which is the Teen Building.
They will then load the busses and be taken to TAG Youth Camp at 8:30 am SHARP!
Parents will not TAKE their child to TAG Youth Camp.

Drop off on Sunday:

This year since camp is ending on Sunday, June 2 the children will be bused back to the church by 11:30/12:00 for parents to pick their child up after church.

Camper Supply List

Everyone needs to bring:
  • Bible
  • Pen/pencil
  • Notepad
  • Bedding (Twin sheets, Blankets or Sleeping bag, Pillow, Mattress cover)
  • Jacket and/or sweater (nights may be cooler)
  • Toilet articles- toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap (3 in one wash), brush and comb, wash cloth
  • Bath towel
  • Beach towel
  • Flip flop or beach shoes
  • Shower shoes or flip flops
  • Flashlight
  • Ball glove or small sports equipment
  • Rain gear – cheap rain poncho
  • Insect repellent
  • Disposable camera (If they want to take pics)
  • Sunscreen
  • Large sack for dirty clothes

GIRLS: socks, underwear, tennis shoes, modest shorts, t-shirts, pajamas, one piece bathing suit or tankini that covers the belly, and cover-up and/or t-shirt for water games. Girls can also wear a colored t-shirt over their bathing suits if you don’t have a one piece.
ABSOLUTELY NO: tank tops, biker shorts, halters, bare midriffs

BOYS: shirts, shorts, tennis shoes, socks, underwear, swim trunks, pajamas.
ABSOLUTELY NO: tank tops, biker shorts, bare midriffs

SUGGESTION: LABEL ALL GARMENTS AND PUT YOUR NAME ON ARTICLES! Make a list of everything you are carrying to camp. Check your list before you leave home and again before you leave camp. Please don't send expensive items to camp with your child. We cannot guarantee they will make it home!

BEDDING: The mattresses are covered in a thick plastic. It is more comfortable for sleeping when you cover the mattress with a blanket or mattress pad before putting the fitted sheet on the mattress.

CANTEEN: A Canteen store is set up each day for the kids to buy drinks, snacks and candy. They are able to go to the Canteen during “free time” All items in the canteen are $1.00 each. Parents, you will turn in the canteen money for your child’s account on the morning of registration before they load the bus to go to camp. A good amount to put in the canteen is $5.00-$7.00 per child. Be careful not to give too much because we do not give the canteen money back at the end of camp. It is usually gone within the 1st two days!

MEDICINE & FIRST AID: If your child has medication that must be taken at camp, our camp doctor will keep the medicine and dispense it when needed. Bring the medicine at check in on Wednesday morning. The doctor will be there to take the medicine and get any instructions from you at that time. First aid supplies for minor injuries and problems will be provided at camp.


Put all your items (luggage, pillow, blankets, etc.) in a large garbage sack with your name on it!
This helps with distributing all the luggage to each cabin. All your items are in one or two large bags.
Instead of keeping up with 5 different bags...we just keep up with a large sack.