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Boulevard Kids - Kids Camp Information:

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Ages: Completed 3rd grade - completed 6th grade

Dates: June 2-5, 2021

Cost $120.00 per child

NB Kids Camp is one of the most fun events our kids can participate in and grow in their walk each year. It is also wonderful for building deeper connections with friends in their church family. It is run by all North Boulevard members with the camp primarily for North Boulevard Kids. Kids Camp does not combine with other churches. So, most of the campers and all of the workers are North Boulevard members.

We are limited on beds in the cabins, so early registration is encouraged to assure your child gets a bed in their “grades” cabin.

Camp Facility:

TAG Youth Camp is located in Lynchburg, TN

TAG Youth Camp is a small camp where the buildings are close together where kids are in a safe environment.

Kids will be sleeping in rustic cabins and sleeping in bunk beds. There are two bathrooms with showers and sinks in each cabin.

Sleeping Arrangements:

Kids are in cabins with their grade and with the same gender.

There are times that we have to combine grades, but we combine the grades that are close in age.

We won’t put a 5th grader with a 3rd grade group.

Two adults stay in the cabins with the campers. Of course, of the same gender!

Teens stay in their own cabins.

Spiritual Life:

There are daily Bible classes where the children meet in classes with their grade group, taught by adults.

There is a large group praise and devotional time each day.

Quiet time is encouraged each day.

Discipleship Groups are formed at the beginning of camp. They are mixed with teens and campers which meet daily.

Camp Teams

Campers will be assigned to a team for the week. The teams will meet during the day and compete against the other teams throughout the week.

All the teams are mixed ages and gender. Teams have two adult leaders and 4-6 teen leaders. Teams compete by playing various fun and crazy games. Teams earn points for effort, attitude and winning.


We have really good food at camp!

Wednesday, June 2 we will serve lunch and dinner. Thursday we will have 3 full meals. Saturday, June 5 we will serve breakfast only.

If your child has a serious food allergy they may bring food to substitute, but only if it is serious. Be sure to list their dietary restrictions on the registration form. If you are providing food for your child’s allergy you must coordinate with the cooks.

No food is allowed in the cabins.

The Canteen:

We have a Canteen/store where the kids get to buy snacks from the Canteen during their Free Time. They cannot bring money to get items from the Canteen. Money needs to be put in their Canteen account when registering online. No cash money will be accepted. Money left in their Canteen account will be absorbed into the camp budget. No money will be given back.

All the snack items are $1.00. So, $5.00-$10.00 is a good amount to put in their account.

Snacks and drinks are not healthy. They are fun and yummy snacks. Remember…it’s camp! J!

Other Camp Activities:

Campers will have a time of rest each day (Feet On Bed).

There is a time of “Free Time” in which the boy and girls are separated and they can play outdoor games and go to the Craft Shack.

While one group is playing outdoor games, the other group is having Water Time playing on large inflatable water slides and an inflatable Slip and Slide. Such a blast!

Drop off:

Parents will drop their camper off in the morning on Wednesday, June 2 at The Filling Station by 7:30am. Buses will take the up to camp from the church. Buses will pull out at 8:00am SHARP!

Pick up:

Parents will pick up their camper AT TAG Youth Camp on Saturday, June 5 at 10:30 am.

1444 Ray Burton Rd, Lynchburg, TN 3735

Covid-19 Safety:

In order to do our best to keep everyone safe at camp we are requiring EVERYONE to answer health questions for 5 days leading up to June 2, 2021 (May 28-June 1). The health questions are to help us be able to monitor the health of everyone coming to camp, as best we can! If anyone is showing symptoms of Covid-19 from the health questions, then they will be asked to take a Covid-19 test before coming to camp. Our camp doctor will address any Covid-19 issues leading up to camp. The Covid-19 questions will be emailed out each day and everyone will be required to answer the questions before attending camp! No exceptions!

In order to keep camp from getting contaminated with Covid-19 while we are all at camp, this year we are not allowing any family or guests to come up to camp during the week to eat with their child. If there are any outside guests that come to camp, they will be socially distanced from all people at camp.

Campers will be encouraged to wash hands more frequently.

Cabins will be sanitized (fogged) once a day.

No masks or social distancing will be enforced.

If there is a Covid-19 outbreak while at camp, we will address it as safely as we can for all involved or exposed. Anyone with Covid-19 or exposed to Covid-19 with contact tracing at camp will be sent home.

Signing your child up for Kids Camp means you understand the risk involved.