In the Land of Promise, experienced teachers provide a safe and fun environment for children ages 0 - 5 to learn about God and His goodness. Through songs, stories and crafts, your child will learn basic Bible stories that reveal what God can do in their lives.

Parents of younger children are given a beeper to notify them if they are needed during class or worship. Parents are able to attend worship with the knowledge that their child is in good hands.

April - Memory Verse

April - Week 1

April - Week 2

April - Week 3

April - Week 4

April: Pack a Picnic

Memory Verse
A friend loves at all times.
Proverbs 17:17
April 7 // April 10
Jesus demonstrates how good of a friend He is by washing His friends' feet.
JOHN 13:3-17
April 14 // April 17
People praise Jesus by shouting, waving palm branches, and spreading their coats on the ground.
MATTHEW 21:1-16
April 21 // April 24
Jesus dies, is buried, and comes back, just like He promised, so He can be our friend forever.
MATTHEW 26:20-30; 27:45-50; 28:1-7
April 28 // April 31
Jesus prepares a meal on the beach for His friends, the disciples, after He comes back.
JOHN 21:1-14