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Children learn in many different ways. All of us have different intelligences that make learning easier. On Faith Boulevard we intend to make learning the Bible fun, interactive and most importantly we want what they learn to stick! This is accomplished each time they come to church on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Each child will go to a new shop on Faith Boulevard. All the shops teach a different concept and touch a different learning style in the room. We study the same topic or character for a month. Once they go through all the shops for four years they will have covered the entire Bible.

Tour Groups

The children are assigned to a group that they will be a part of each time they come to Faith Boulevard. The group has a name and a colored flag to let them know which room/shop they are to go to each time they come to class.

While on Faith Boulevard the children will visit:


Tune in each week as you will hear songs and praises from our children and their side kick-puppets!

The Potter's Playhouse

This art studio is where our children come and create and express their thoughts about the Bible story or person they are studying.

Boulevard Backstage

Lights! Camera! Action! In this room our 3rd and 4th graders become the characters they are studying and act out a play. Show time is at 7:15 each Wednesday night in the Life Center

The Diner

Drive on in to the Diner and learn about the “special of the month.” Learn about our missionaries and all the ways that you can serve your neighbor!

Museum of Biblical History

Get out your research books, time lines and maps and step back into the times and culture of the Bible.


Quietly step into the Library and hear from our Library Granny as she tells you stories from the Bible and gives you advice on living your life for Jesus!


Come on down to the GAME Room and spin the wheel to test your knowledge of all the Bible stories and characters that you have learned. Learn more about GAME Room goals.

Reel Life

Now showing in the Reel Life theater: amazing action-packed movies for you to actually watch and experience the Bible.

Family Memory Verse 2020-2021

Memory Verse
When I am AFRAID, I put my trust in YOU!
Psalm 56:3