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Boulevard Bucks

The goal of the Boulevard Bucks is to begin good habits in our kids. Bringing your Bible to church, bringing canned goods, memorizing scripture, and bringing friends are all good habits that all of us should be doing. The habit that I am most concerned about our children forming is being in the Word daily. The Bible is our guide, and reading it will shape us as Christians. We cannot learn the Word by osmosis! We must Read! Read! Read!

On Route 56 we do not have a “cash” system of money. Since we are growing up, we now have a “credit” system. The only way anyone on Route 56 can earn credit is by reading their Bible bookmarks. Each bookmark is worth 10 credits. There will be an updated credit sheet at the cashier desk of the Boulevard Market each week for them to spend their credits.

Route 56 kids are responsible for turning in their bookmarks. They do not to give their bookmarks to a teacher. They are responsible for putting them in the box on the Bookmark table labeled “Route 56 Bookmarks.”

Each quarter they will be recognized for reading their bookmarks for the entire quarter and receive a $5.00 gift card from Target. They will also be recognized if they read for the entire year with a party at Lanes, Trains and Automobiles. They will receive a t-shirt and recognition before the congregation, too.

This system has been in place to simply encourage our children to read and be in the Word daily. The ultimate goal is that they start to see that reading daily IS really the true reward.