At North Boulevard, we love to tell the stories of what God is doing in the lives of our members and friends. Below are some recent testimonies, but you can view all of our testimonials here.

Net Work - Larry Smith

Net Work - Katie Boyce

Net Work - Bennett Fouts and Amber Puckett

Net Work - Marvin Maupin and Dustin Najar

Net Work - Adam Bryson

Net Work - Lisa Benzinger

Net Work - Shelly Stanley

Net Work - Raeshon Torres

North Boulevard Guest Interviews

Exodus - Thad Mckellar

Exodus - Jeremie Benzinger

Exodus - Richard Leddy

Exodus - The Jankes

Exodus - Brad Aydelott

Exodus - The Rossers

Mt316: Sara Wylie Helton and Miller Armstrong

Coach Insell Interview - Part 1

Coach Insell Interview - Part 2

The Journey: The Francis Family

The Journey: Rachel Young and Vicki Kennedy

The Journey: Jennifer Walker and Rachel Holt

The Journey: Nancy Webb and Carie Jolley

Emma Sproles, Houston Sproles, and Ben Blaylock - Christian Worldview

Celebrate Recovery - Dawn Harrison

Coach Rick Insell - Full Interview

Wish Team Dinner

Net Work - Shelly Stanley (short Version)

Net Work - Adam Bryson (short Version)

Net Work - Bennett Fouts and Amber Puckett (short Version)

Net Work - Katie Boyce (short Version)

2016 Summer Batey Interview

House of Prayer - The Journey

The Good Life - What Is Happiness?

Mother’s Day 2016

House of Prayer - Ryan and Andrea Bell

Eem Dinner - Nbyg

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