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The smaller the setting, the deeper the transformation.

LIFEgroups are gatherings of people who know each other and live life together. Usually consisting of 6-20 people, most LIFEgroups are bound by some commonality — age or place in life, missional service, family connections — but don't have to be. LIFEgroups are not just social groups; they're personal. Each of us has a need to be known by others, and each of us must truly know others if we are to love them with the love of Christ.

Together with being a part of a Dgroup and a local church body, LIFEgroups are an essential part of growing as a mature disciple at North Boulevard.

We want to offer a few virtual groups that you can join right now. These are open to all members and guests.

Here's all you need to do.

  1. Email the leader so that they can send you an invitation to join. See the list of groups below.
  2. Download the app and setup your free account.
    Smartphone/tablet: Go to the app store on your device and download Zoom Cloud Meetings
  3. At the small group start time, click on the invitation link that you will receive from your group leader by email and you'll be in the small group!

For additional information, see the Small Groups Online document.

Joe Roberts

Choose from one of the following groups by clicking on their name, then email the group leader to share your interest in joining their group.


Tom Hodges - 5pm Intergenerational

Kirk & Lisa Brock - 5pm Intergenerational

Edwin McKnight - 5:30pm Intergenerational

Sharon Thornhill (or text or call 615-904-5246) - 6pm Women - Empty Nesters


Debbie Mankin - 10am Women - Intergenerational

Joe Roberts - 6pm Men

Milton Stanley - 6pm Intergenerational

Craig Collins (or text or call 615-554-6505) - 8pm Intergenerational


Tony Holt - 6pm Intergenerational

Nancy Hatton - 6:30pm Women - Intergenerational

Shannon & Amber Stephens - 6:30pm Families

Paul & Lori Perry - 7pm Intergenerational

Debbie Mankin - 7pm Young Mothers


Ben Beavers - 2pm College Age & Young Adult

Bobbie Solley - 6:30pm Women - Intergenerational


John Magnuson - 6pm Intergenerational

Bobbie Solley - 6:30pm Women - Intergenerational

Ramona Taylor - 6:30pm Women - Intergenerational


Danny & Mechelle Alexander - 6pm Intergenerational