Every Believer A Witness

Making sharing your faith easy, fun, and effective

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Every Believer a Witness is an evangelistic teaching series designed to get your church members having spiritual conversations, sharing their faith, and bringing others to Jesus. Trainer Tony Holt will walk church leaders through how to lead your congregation through the seven week series, materials and resources available, and proper techniques for getting the best results.

Senior Minister David Young says, “I believe God has placed a gift in the hands of Christ followers by providing them with a tool that will make a difference. Our people are rising to the challenge to share their story with others.”

This seminar will introduce you to the resources that have helped empower hundreds of churches to equip every member to share the good news of Jesus. If you long for members who share their faith and church attendance that includes unbelievers seeking Jesus among the audience this program could be for you.

For further information contact Tony Holt, Minister of Church Life (w 615.893.1520 x151)

Location & Time

Saturday, September 14, 2019, 10:00 am