Bring a friend and join The Journey Women's Ministry for the Cultivate Conference at North Boulevard East Campus!

Learning to Cultivate Godly Friendships

Keynote Speaker: Cindy Patton

Praise, Breakout Sessions, Fellowship, Coffee Bar, and more!


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1. Friendship Through Communication:

In this session, you will explore how to express love to those near and dear to you and how you want love expressed to you. We will discover your love language as defined by Gary Chapman after taking a simple assessment. We will also explore how to interpret the love languages of those around you in order to build up your relationships with friends and family.

2. Friendship Through Service

In this session, you will have an opportunity to reach out in friendship to our shut-in friends who were unable to join us today, by putting together small gifts with a note attached, that will be delivered at a later date by our teen girls. This will allow us, while exploring God's Word on servanthood, to demonstrate a Christ-like kindness in a multigenerational setting.

3. The Gift of Quiet Prayer and Meditation

Contending for Your Friend in Prayer. Come prepared for 30 minutes of quiet communication with God. We will explore ways to connect with God's Word and use Scripture to intercede in prayer for our friend.

Location & Time

Saturday, August 12, 2017, 8:30 am