We want our Boulevard Kids to be able to be involved in the NEW DAY VISION, and so we will be holding a Marketplace for our children to sell items. All proceeds will be given to the Vision, and we invite all NB members to come make purchases!

The Marketplace will be at both the East and West Campuses!!

EAST CAMPUS: in the Life Center (Gym) at 9:30 am (during Sunday school)
If your child wants to participate at East, please fill out this form so we can have enough tables set up: https://nb.ccbchurch.com/goto/forms/312/responses/...

WEST CAMPUS: in the children's area in-between services


Try to brainstorm and get creative about things your child can sell!

Here are a few ideas:

- toys or books they no longer use

- yummy homemade goodies

- handmade crafts

- coupons for services, such as walking dogs, mowing lawns, helping with small chores or projects


Frequently Asked Questions:

When will we know how much we raised?
The amount raised will be announced at church on Sunday, March 13.

What do we do if we don’t want to do the Marketplace, but still want to give?
Please bring the money that your child wants to give to the Vision on March 6. We want to gather up all the Boulevard Kids donations on March 6 so we can announce the total given from all the Boulevard Kids on March 13. This is NOT including what the parents are giving to the Vision.

What can I sell?
Anything! Used toys, baked goods, books, homemade candles, bracelets, pictures...anything!

How do I price my items?
Keep everything priced in whole dollar amounts. Nothing less than a $1 and remember it is a fundraiser, so don’t be afraid to set a good price for your items. You need to put some type of sticker with the price per item.

Will each child collect their own money?
No. Everyone will check out at one time at the checkout table. The money will be ONE lump sum. If your child wants to know how much money they raised by themselves, then they will need to keep up with how much they sold.

Who can participate?
ALL Boulevard Kids! We are praying for a HUGE turn out!


Watch this Video to hear about ways the Boulevard Kids can be involved in the NEW DAY VISION!:

Location & Time

East and West Murfreesboro
Sunday, March 6, 2022,