William Cavataio

William Cavataio  //  Media & Post-Production Supervisor

Email William at wcavataio@nblvd.org.

Alice Clements  //  Praise Team Coordinator

Email Alice at alicemclements@gmail.com.

Linda Henson  //  Reception / Publications / Database

Email Linda at lhenson@nblvd.org.

Jane Herring  //  Executive Assistant

Email Jane at jherring@nblvd.org.

Photo of Mike Jones

Mike Jones  //  Technical Director

Email Mike at mjones@nblvd.org.

Vicki Laws

Vicki Laws  //  Youth Ministry Administrative Assistant

Email Vicki at vlaws@nblvd.org.

Nita McAdoo  //  Counseling Administrative Assistant

Email Nita at nmcadoo@nblvd.org.

Rosalin Scales  //  West Campus Administrative Assistant

Email Rosalin at rosalin.scales@nbwest.org.

Cole Skaggs  //  Production Manager

Email Cole at cskaggs@nblvd.org.

Photo of Connie Smith

Connie Smith  //  Bookkeeper

Email Connie at csmith@nblvd.org.

Megan Starling  //  Graphic Designer

Email Megan at mstarling@northboulevard.com.

Amber Stephens

Amber Stephens  //  Children's Ministry Support

Email Amber at astephens@nblvd.org.

No photo available

Don Bailey  //  Smyrna-LaVergne Worship Leader

No photo available

Paul King  //  Maintenance

Email Paul at pking@nblvd.org.

No photo available

Jeff Neely  //  Maintenance Supervisor

Email Jeff at jneely@nblvd.org.

No photo available

Shane Xu  //  Chinese Ministry