North Boulevard's original meeting place; a barn on North Tennessee BoulevardNorth Boulevard Church of Christ was founded on June 15, 1947, when over 150 worshipers met together in an old barn that had been converted into an auditorium on the corner of Lytle Street and North Tennessee Boulevard. North Boulevard’s start was the result of over five years of planning, fund-raising and praying by a group of Christians from East Main Church of Christ located just off the square in Murfreesboro. One important motivation for the foundation of North Boulevard was the need for a congregation within short walking distance of what was then called Middle Tennessee State College. The East Main church contributed $5,000 to start the congregation. During the first year of North Boulevard’s existence, elders and deacons were appointed and a full-time minister was hired. By the 1950’s North Boulevard was a fast growing congregation with several ministries and the need for a larger building. An auditorium with classrooms was built and dedicated in 1952, and by 1964 the old barn had been replaced by an educational wing on the North Tennessee site.

North Boulevard's original eldersFor the next several decades North Boulevard continued to grow and to serve Murfreesboro, the University and the world. Because of crowded Sunday assemblies, North Boulevard was forced to have two Sunday morning services beginning in 1961. Two services would be required for the next several decades.

As early as the 1940s North Boulevard was sponsoring an active Sunday School program with the children meeting behind the stage in the old barn, and later, downstairs in the new building. A Ladies’ Bible class began in the 1950s, and the ladies sewed clothes and later made quilts for the needy at regional children’s homes and in our community. This class still meets, and quilts are still made. In the early 1960s North Boulevard members were instrumental in the founding of Middle Tennessee Christian School and Stones River Manor.

More recent ministries have included: annual food and clothing distribution drives; a large, active Meals on Wheels ministry; and active participation in the local Inner City Ministry. Since the 1970s North Boulevard has had an active youth ministry, involving and serving hundreds of teenagers. In 1986 North Boulevard members began the Sonshine School, a mother’s day out program that teaches children of our community about God and His church. Since the 1990s, North Boulevard has sponsored professional counseling through Agape counseling services.

North Boulevard has been active in global missions, supporting and sponsoring mission efforts all over the world. For over thirty years North Boulevard has been a chief supporter of Joseph Shulam, in Jerusalem, Israel. Moving from Jerusalem to the “uttermost parts of the earth,” North Boulevard has worked across the globe from Seoul, South Korea to Waterloo, Iowa; from Ontario, Canada to Logos, Nigeria; from Burlington, Massachusetts to Dundee, Scotland; from Tifton, Georgia to Tegucigalpa, Honduras; and a number of places in between.

During its years of service, North Boulevard has grown to almost 2000 members with Sunday morning attendance averaging 1,500. Over the past almost sixty years well over a thousand persons have been immersed at North Boulevard, putting on the Lord in baptism. To accommodate North Boulevard’s growth and ministry needs, on Easter Sunday 1997 North Boulevard moved into its current location on North Rutherford Boulevard. Attendance on that great day of celebration was 1936 people worshiping God and encouraging one another.

The Lord has been very active through North Boulevard throughout its many years of service. May He continue to raise up Christians here who reflect the values and courage of our spiritual ancestors: Christ-centered Christianity with the Bible as our guide and heaven as our goal.