North Boulevard's original meeting place; a barn on North Tennessee BoulevardFounded on June 15, 1947, North Boulevard was planted after five years of planning, fund-raising and praying by a group of Christians from East Main Church of Christ, located just off the square in Murfreesboro. By the 1950’s, North Boulevard was rapidly growing and for the next several decades would continue to grow and to serve Murfreesboro, Middle Tennessee State University, and the world.

North Boulevard's original elders

North Boulevard has been active in global missions, supporting and sponsoring mission efforts all over the world. For over 30 years, North Boulevard has been a chief supporter of Joseph Shulam, in Jerusalem, Israel. Moving from Jerusalem to the “ends of the earth,” North Boulevard has worked across the globe from Seoul, South Korea to Waterloo, Iowa; from Ontario, Canada to Logos, Nigeria; from Burlington, Massachusetts to Dundee, Scotland; from Tifton, Georgia to Tegucigalpa, Honduras; and a number of places in between.

During its years of service, North Boulevard has grown to almost 2000 members with Sunday morning attendance averaging 1,500 and over the past 60+ years well over 1000 people have been immersed at North Boulevard, putting on the Lord in baptism.

The Lord has been faithful and active at North Boulevard throughout its many years of service, and in 2014, the church recaptured its church planting roots with the 2020 Vision.

2020 Vision

On Easter Sunday of 2013, the North Boulevard Church of Christ committed itself to God, asking Him to use them to help spark a worldwide spiritual awakening. And these weren’t just empty words. The family of God faithfully and sacrificially gave and pledged $6.1 M toward that very end.

Since that day, God has been at work in and among the various elements of the 2020 Vision. Here is a sampling of God’s work among us since we committed to the 2020 Vision:

Church Planting

Since April 2014 North Boulevard has planted the following campuses and has mentored, encouraged, and partnered with other churches for church plants throughout the Southeast.
• West Campus
• Smyrna-LaVergne Campus
• MT316 College Church

Relational Discipleship

Knowing that many Christians in our churches today will die in spiritual immaturity and without ever having brought someone to Christ, North Boulevard’s 2020 Vision committed the church to intentional, relational discipleship. Over 700 people have been involved in discipleship and small groups with more groups being added each quarter.

School of Christian Thought

Speaker Series: Launched in 2014, the speaker series was created to invite high-caliber Christian professionals to explore a Christian worldview of all facets of life.

School of Discipleship: Launched in the fall of 2014, the school is an intentional mentorship program to equip disciple-makers and church-planters. Fellowship and Bible study are important, but most of the time is spent in intensive, guided prayer.

SALT Classes: The School of Advanced Leadership Training (SALT) is a partnership with churches offered through Hope International University. Accredited college courses are offered at North Boulevard for bachelor’s or master’s credit for a significantly discounted rate.

Discipleship Tutorial: Launched in 2016 with 92 homeschooled students from 5th to 12th grades. Intentionally Christ-centered and discipleship-focused, DT meets once a week on Tuesdays. Students spend 45 minutes in prayer together before classes and meet at lunchtime with mentors and students who guide them through a brief Discovery Bible Study.

Commitment to Prayer

Just as the early church “married” its widows, so, too, North Boulevard’s 2020 Vision catalyzed women who continue to come together in intense, intentional prayer on behalf of the church. We are certain that none of what has been accomplished through the 2020 Vision would have been successful without this faithful prayer.

A New Day - TV Program & Book

• Launched in the fall of 2013, A New Day TV program now reaches not only middle Tennessee but also 74 nations on 6 continents have accessed the program online. This includes South Korea, Poland, Germany, Tanzania, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Ukraine, India and Russia. And, of course, the United States.

A New Day: Restoring the Revolutionary Mission of Christ is a book, written by David Young, that grew out of the TV program, calling churches away from the dead-end paths of traditionalism on the one hand and liberalism on the other.

Multi-Ethnic Intentionality

Using the inspiration of the church in Revelation where every tongue, tribe, and nation worships God, so, too, North Boulevard is striving to be a place where anyone in our community can come to know Christ and grow in their faith. Latino and Chinese communities worship and study at North Boulevard every week, while we continue to prayerfully follow the Spirit’s lead in this area.